Meet the Team - Part 1

As part of a new Journal series this year, we want to give you a look behind the scenes here at MWC, starting with meeting our team. To kick things off, we'd like to introduce our head of customer engagement and manager of our showroom, Nick McLaren.

Nick joined us in October last year and is the key point of contact for our customers, whether they purchase online or visit us at our showroom. Nick is also responsible for managing our showroom, which he discusses in an interview below.

What is your role here at the Melbourne Watch Company Showroom?

My role is simple, to provide visitors with an enjoyable experience as they get to know the watches and the people behind the scenes.

My aim is to make anyone that comes into the showroom as comfortable as possible so they can relax and explore our collections in a pressure free environment, whether that means simply having a chat over a coffee or providing advice on what models might suit best.

How does someone go about visiting the showroom and what do you do to prepare?

After someone books a visit, I reach out to them prior to their visit and ask them to get an idea of what they are interested in, for example if they are after a particular model or whether the purchase is for themselves or a gift. I feel that this helps with both making people feel more comfortable prior to arrival, plus it helps me make the most of their time here.

How does a typical appointment at the showroom go?

When you arrive at the Showroom, you will be welcomed by myself and offered a drink before we get started. I typically like to spend some time getting to know my customers before we start browsing through the collections. I'll then help you try on whichever models you are interested in, including changing strap colours if desired.

I'll also do my best to answer any technical questions, however sometimes I feel these are best handled by Mason, our Technical Manager. Our appointments are booked in for an hour so there is plenty of time to go through everything, no rush.

Can customers purchase in the showroom and leave with their watch?

Certainly - that’s best thing about coming to visit us at the showroom (in addition to being able to try everything on, of course!). As long as we have the watch in stock, you are more than welcome to take it home with you on the day. We will also offer to swap straps and size bracelets while customers are here to get the fit and style that suits best.

What do you enjoy the most about having people come to the showroom?

For me, I would have to say the best part is being able to contribute to someone's story. I feel that buying a luxury product like a watch is a very personal thing and I'm glad that I can help people feel a bit more connected to their purchasing journey.

The most common feedback I’ve received from customers is that they really love just being able to have a chat with myself and the rest of the team about anything from what makes a particular watch design special to someone, to getting input on our future model plans. It's a great feeling to be able to give someone a look behind the scenes and help them feel more connected with us as a brand.

To make an appointment to visit us, use the form on our showroom page or call us on (03) 8598 1220 - we look forward to seeing you here!